2010 OPWG – Day Two

Kingston, ON – Day 2 of the Kingston 2010 Ontario ParaSport Winter Games saw numerous sports staged simultaneously across the Limestone City.

The ParaAlpine Skiing events at the Calabogie Peaks Resort today highlighted the Giant Slalom.  Female winners were Frederique Turgeon (junior division) with a time of 132.27 and Jan Hymers with a time of 155.51.  Male winners were Michael Whitney (junior) with a time of 105.30 and Andy Van Grusven with a time of 93.58.

There were four games of Sledge Hockey at the Invista Centre, with Team South taking both of their games, first beating Team West (6-0) and later Team North (3-0), while Team West beat Team East (1-0).

In another match, Teams East and North tied 2-2.There were six games of Wheelchair Curling at the Royal Kingston Curling Club.  Bradford (skip Ken Gregory) continued its domination and remains undefeated, winning 8-7 against Fort William and 10-4 against Ottawa.  Fort William (skip Carl Levesque) won 8-4 against Toronto and 8-7 against the other Fort William team.  Kenora (skip Wayne Ficek) beat Ottawa 7-5, while Toronto (skip Chris Rees) beat Kenora 8-7.

There were six games of WheelChair Basketball at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre.  The Flyers beat the Spinners (45-23) and the Rebels (37-22); the Rebels beat the Cruisers (37-26) and the Spinners (28-26); the Spinners beat the Cruisers (44-30); and the Cruisers beat the Flyers (34-31).

Also at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre, there were six games of WheelChair Rugby.  Ottawa A had three victories, with 41-21 over Ottawa B, 39-20 over Toronto, and 40-18 over London.  Ottawa B scored two victories, with 42-28 over London and 42-28 over Toronto.  And London beat Toronto with a score of 38-36.

All of the swimming meets began and concluded at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre.  In the women’s events, winners were Christine Cloutier (50M, 100M and 200M freestyle, 50M breaststroke), Megan Sherwin (50M backstroke), Vicky Zasada (100M backstroke), Paige Keleher (50M and 100M butterfly), Martha Sandoval (100M backstroke), Chou Avanessian (400M freestyle), and Kara Dier (200M individual medley).  In the men’s events, winners were Nik Tolgyesi (50M and 100M freestyle, 50M and 100M butterfly), Nicola Plamondon (100M backstroke, and 200M and 400M freestyle), Iain Smith (50M backstroke and 100M freestyle), Isaac Bouckley (50M and 100M breaststroke), and Harley Bolton (200M individual medley).

“These athletes set a great example for all Ontarians.  I salute their commitment to excellence.  It is rewarding to see all their hard work and training pay off,” said Margarett Best, Minister of Health Promotion.

The Ontario ParaSport Winter Games are delivered by the Sport Alliance of Ontario in partnership with ParaSport Ontario, the Sport Tourism Branch of the Kingston Economic Development Corporation, Canadian Forces Base Kingston, and the City of Kingston.  The Government of Ontario is the primary funder of the Games.For more information about the Ontario ParaSport Games or ParaSport Ontario, please visit www.parasportontario.ca, and for the Kingston Games, please visit http://winter.ontarioparasportgames.com/index.html.