Sport Selection Application Released for 2011 OPSG

The Sport Alliance of Ontario (SAO) in conjunction with the Ministry of Health Promotion (MHP) and ParaSport Ontario (PO) conducted a review of the Ontario ParaSport Games; the review concluded in December 2008.  The review involved key members of the Ontario ParaSport community and was designed to serve two objectives.  The first was to identify new approaches to delivering the ParaSport Games Program to make it more relevant and attractive to participating athletes and to host communities and potential sponsors.  A second objective was to examine the delivery of the Summer and Winter ParaSport Provincial and Regional Games with consideration of timing, Games model, partnerships and integration.

Following the Games Review a Sport Selection process was adopted for the 2009 and 2010 Ontario ParaSport Games where each MSO/PSO submitted Sport Technical Packages and signed Competiton Agreements for the respective sport.

Starting in 2011, the Ontario ParaSport Games program will introduce the complete sport selection process used at both Ontario Games to better prepare sports for integration into the Ontario Games as well as make the Ontario ParaSport Games a more meaningful competition for MSO/PSOs involved.

To be eligible to apply for participation in the 2011 Ontario ParaSport Summer Games a sport (as represented by a PSO/ MSO) must:

a. Have PSO/ MSO that is formally recognized by Ministry of Health Promotion (registered non-profit)
b. Have a sport and sport discipline that has full medal status in one of:
• 2013 Canada Summer Games  or 2015 Canada Winter Games;
• 2014 Olympic/Paralympic Winter Games or 2012 Olympic/Paralympic Summer Games;
c. Have a recognized PSO/ MSO that is eligible for annual Base Funding from MHP

The following key documents are important to review and complete on or before June 30, 2010.  All applications must be submitted to