All Abilities Welcome Video Contest

For Those Who Have a Story to Tell

Are you a person with a disability who values physical activity as an important part of your life? Do you have a passion for being active? Do you inspire others through your positive example?

All Abilities Welcome (AAW) is a national campaign of the Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability. AAW promotes the inclusion of Canadians with a disability in physical activity, leisure, recreation and sport programs  at the community level. Many people with a disability hesitate to take the first steps in making physical activity a part of their lives. All Abilities Welcome aims to generate public awareness, develop a knowledge base, educate service providers, and empower persons with a disability in choosing an active, healthy lifestyle.

We are creating a video to promote the message that active living and physical activity are for people of all abilities. We are seeking three individuals who have a disability, and who feel that their active living story can offer a positive message to others.

We ask interested individuals to submit a covering letter detailing the role that active living and physical activity play in their lives, and how they feel their story can help others. We will select three individuals who we will bring to Ottawa in September to participate in the video shoot.

If interested in this opportunity, please submit your expression of interest by email no later than 4 pm EST on Friday July 30, 2010, to Jason Dunkerley (

Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability
104-720 Belfast Road, Ottawa ON, K1G 0Z5
Tel.: 1-800-771-0663 (toll free), 613-244-0052 (local)