Final Day of Competition at the 2011 OPSG

Sarnia, ON – Day 2, the final day of competition at the Sarnia 2011 Ontario ParaSport Summer Games saw exciting finals and overall great competition. Athletes continue to impress in all events, setting personal bests and new records. Wrapping up the Games, we would like to congratulate all athletes on great performance and and overall fun and exciting weekend.

Athletics events took place today with strong competition across the board. Outstanding performances included Isaiah Christophe, who won the T54 200m, 400m and 800m, Jason Dunkerly won the T11 800m and 5km races, Melanie Hawtin won the women’s T54 100m, 200m, and 400m. See the Sarnia games website for full athletics results. The Shoppers Home Health Care Award for Athletics went to Sam Grahem. Sam is a beginner Track athlete, who competed in the 100m, 200m, and 400m. Sam was introduced to the sport last year and has worked and trained hard to improve throughout the year.

Boccia continued today with exciting games all over the place. Dave Vanhoek beat Joseph McCann to win the BC1 gold medal game, while Tom Mahoney played a great game to win the BC2 gold medal over Ben Guerin. Kevin Shaw beat Anam Ahmed to win the BC3 gold medal game. See the Sarnia Games website for full Boccia results. The Shoppers Home Health Care Award for Boccia went to Russ Ceccini, who placed third at the Games. Russ had a tough start to the Games with equipment problems, but came back strong in the bronze medal game.

In Goalball, the Thistles beat the Harlequins 2-1 to win the women’s division, while the Loyalists beat the Redcoats 7-6 to win the men’s division. The game went into sudden death overtime and was one of the many highlights of the Games. See the Sarnia Games website for full Goalball results.  The Shoppers Home Health Care Award for Goalball went to Jillian MacSween who played for the Harlequins, winning a silver medal during the tournament.

In Lawn Bowling, Alan Dean won the competition with Neil Holden taking second place. For full Lawn Bowling results, see the Games website. The Shoppers Home Health Care Award for Lawn Bowling went to Neil Holden.  Neil impressed all players, officials and volunteers with his energy and positive attitude throughout the day.

ParaEquestrian took place today at Fiddick’s Stables. Catherine Bridges won both the Novice II and Team II events, Karima Hassan won the Ib Novice event, Dax Adams won the II Individual Championship, Maria Simpson won the I1 Individual Championship, and Judi Island won both the 1a Team and 1a Freestyle events. A full account of the days events can be found on the Games site. The  Shoppers Home Health Care Award winner was Geraldine Lewis. Up until 2 weeks ago she was riding with a leader, but today she rode independently earning a silver medal.

Wheelchair Tennis took place at the beautiful Sarnia Riding Club, with lots of close and exciting matches.  Due to rain, the tournament was stopped early, Billy Bridges and Rich Vanderwal were both awarded gold medals. For full tennis results, see the Games website.  The Shoppers Home Health Care Award for Wheelchair Tennis went to Gary Luker who was 2-1 when the rain came down.  Gary is a quad who played up in the open division, and competed at a high level throughout the competition.

The Ontario ParaSport Summer Games are delivered by the Sport Alliance of Ontario in partnership with ParaSport Ontario and the City of Sarnia. The Government of Ontario is the primary funder of the Games.For more information about the Ontario ParaSport Games or ParaSport Ontario, please visit, and for the Sarnia Games, please visit

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