A ‘Must-Hear’ Sound, Eh440 signs on to Headline at an Evening for Inclusion

Eh440, the incredible Toronto-based vocal group has been stunning audiences worldwide since they first hit the stage a few years ago.

With just a beatboxer, bass vocalist, and 3 very different lead singers, this means that they are technically an ‘a cappella’ group but most people think of them as something very different.

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Eh440 is a mix of 5 people from 5 very different backgrounds and musical genres.  Joe’s been a low bass singer his entire life, Luke’s an urban beatboxer, Janet identifies as a country/pop singer, Stacey’s pop/rap, and Tafari likes soul/pop. Together they form “an unforgettable combination of crazy beatboxing, sassy rapping, killer harmonies, and fresh, urban, RnB-influenced compositions”. Their debut album Turn Me Up exemplifies these many influences, and Boss Level, of course, takes their writing and sound to a whole new level, but performing in front of people gives them their greatest joy.

The history of Eh440 has been written and the future always remains somewhat uncertain, but doing what they love – writing and recording more music and performing their amazing live shows – is a given!

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