Para nordic includes two event types for ParaSport® Ontario. Cross-country skiing and biathlon. There are different classifications and event types for different disability types and race distances. There are races for individuals with arm impairments, skit skiers, and those who are visually impaired. Race distances vary between one and twenty kilometres.

Cross Country

Cross-country skiing events range from short to long distance races (2.5 km – 20 km). There are typically two different ways to Cross-Country skiing. The first being classic (tracked skiing) and the second being freestyle (skating).



The biathlon is a unique event which combines cross country skiing and the use of a rifle which is used to shoot at targets located at predescribed distances around the course. Athletes typically are staggered 30 seconds apart and para-athletes are required to hit their targets from the prone (lying down) position.

Biathlon events are divided into short and long-distance events. For short-races (10 km), competitors are required to stop twice (5 shots at each stop). For long-races (20 km), competitors are required to stop four times (5 shots at each stop).

The targets that athletes are required to shoot have five plates which must be hit within their 15mm buls-eye. For short-races, if an athlete misses a shot, they must ski a 150m penalty loop. The time accrued from the penalty lap is added to the athletes final time.