Name: Athletics Niagara ( Niagara Region)
Sports & Activities: Athletics
Phone: 289-228-2077
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Address: Niagara Falls Sportsplex. 3710 Sinnicks Ave, Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls L2J 2G7
Regions: Niagara Canada

About Us: Our goal is to educate through sport using a safe and fun environment. The athletes are guided into events best suited to fit the needs of the individual and to promote maximum growth in the sport. For the younger athlete, our emphasis is on fun, fitness, skill development and learning the basics of good competition. As the athlete matures, the emphasis moves toward the specialization in one or more events. This progression approach takes into account the development of the athlete from childhood to adulthood. Improvement of the individual depends upon his/her commitment to training and following the coaching strategy. When an individual demonstrates this, at the very least they will learn regimen, self-discipline, and a sense of what it takes to be. . . THE BEST THEY CAN BE!