Sitting Volleyball Take a Seat! Sitting volleyball was invented so athletes with a disability could play this great game too. But sitting volleyball is a game everyone can play. Athletes with and without disabilities can play together. Just take a seat on the floor. Most Paralympic players are amputees, but sitting volleyball can be played by athletes with any type of disability.

The game is played the same way as traditional volleyball, only the court is a little smaller and the net lower, which makes for a fun and fast game. To get in the game, visit the Ontario Volleyball Association website.

Durham Attack Volleyball Club

Frenchman's Bay, 591 Liverpool Rd., Pickering L1W 1R1

Ontario Volleyball Associaton

60 Scarsdale Rd #111., North York M3B 2R7

Variety Village

3701 Danforth Avenue., Scarborough M1N 2G2