Wheelchair Rugby Crash. Boom. Bang. Wheelchair rugby is one of the most unique wheelchair sports. Loud, with all the metal-on-metal collisions, it's a combination of basketball, handball and hockey. The game is played on a basketball court and the objective is to carry a ball across the opposing team's goal line. It's a full contact sport and wheelchair contact is part of the game. Men and women compete on the same team.

The game is a Canadian invention, created for players with quadriplegia but wheelchair rugby is also enjoyed by those with polio, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and amputees too. Learn more from the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association.

Fighting Squirrels

225 Brant Street, Burlington L7P 5C8

London Annihilators Wheelchair Rugby

4 Perin Place, Kitchener N2P 1L5

Ottawa Stingers

Ottawa Rehab Centre, 505 Smyth Rd., Ottawa K1H 8M2

Qunite West Quadzillas

45 College Street West Belleville K8P 2G3