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Meet Golf With Attitude

Todd Keirstead is shaking up the world of golf and bringing in the support, expertise and knowledge to take it to the next level.

"Golf is more than a game for me. It's a vehicle to open minds to what's possible," says Keirstead.

Golf With Attitude offers clients a unique experience in golf, from trick-shots, coaching clinics and more. It has taken Keirstead around the world.

Keirstead discovered that many of his entertaining trick-shots often simulated a practical method of golfing for many adaptive athletes. The same movement he used to take a shot while sitting on a chair could be used by someone sitting in a wheelchair to hit a shot as far as any standing player. A shot with his eyes closed applied the same principle movements and connection to other sensations that someone who was visually impaired would need to use.

Keirstead began reaching out and connecting with the right people to form Bring Back the Game. From his work with the Wounded Warriors Project and Bring Back the Game, he is empowering all individuals, including the differently abled, to the game of golf.

Golf is one of the most easily adapted and accessible sports out there, yet few have the opportunities to play or think it is possible for them. Keirstead is hoping to change that and bring back the fun and joy of the game for people who may have thought it lost to them.

Partnering with organizations like Adidas, TaylorMade and ParaSport® Ontario, this has been a huge year of growth for both Bring Back the Game and adaptive golf.

Taking golf to the world stage at the Paralympic games is one of the lofty goals for the future, important for adaptive athletes of today and tomorrow.

ParaSport® Ontario is looking forward to our continued partnership with Keirstead and bringing back the game to many!

Photo © to Michael Schneider.