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Sooni Receives A New Sport Wheelchair

Sooni from Cruisers Sports was able to get his new wheelchair this weekend! Read Sooni’s thoughts on the new chair and his sport below.

“I’m so very appreciative to have been given this wheelchair basketball chair, huge thank you to ParaSport Ontario. My aspirations for wheelchair basketball is to play for the national wheelchair basketball team of Canada.

Wheelchair basketball is a sport that people who have a disability can play. To me, it’s much more than that. This sport is perspective on life. With every game, for 40 minutes, with every push in that chair you give it your all no matter ability is.

If there is a playmaking chance, then you take it. You might fall but you have to get up. When you get back up, you should be pumped because you just showed non-disabled people that people who have a disability are not made of glass, that we are as tough or even tougher than able-bodied people.

So don’t be shy of your disability, stand tall and be proud of what you have. Also, don’t let people have an image of you being delicate and unable, rather make them have an image of you that is fierce and capable.

This chair that has been generously given to me today gives me a shot to embody these characteristics and to portray that image for all people with special needs.”

Thank you to Sooni for being such a great ambassador for the sport, we can’t wait to see where your dreams and ambitions take you.

Thank you to everyone Sunrise Medical for making this dream chair come true for such a deserving athlete.