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Community Connection

How does the Para athlete community stay connected in a COVID-19 spring?

Face to face practices and meetings have been cancelled but there are many ways that we can continue to stay on the pathway to improved skills and show support for one another and the community.  For starters make sure you follow ParaSport® Ontario, Aristotle Domingo, Todd Keirstead and Robynn Nierop at Imagine Yoga & Wellness. Or watch the exciting Canadian women's sitting volleyball team on their journey to Tokyo. Or athletes and teams of your choosing. Secondly, create a network of people who you can challenge and who you can be challenged by – communicating daily on what you are doing and how you are making a “better you” a reality. 

In the last current of ParaSport® Magazine there is a motivating article on Nico and the Boccia routine he has developed allowing him to practice his sport at home.

For cardio you can still go for a run or hit the streets on your hand-cycle (or borrow one from ParaSport Ontario).

There is no doubt that shutting down gyms, arenas and pools for a few weeks is a major set-back, but guess what?  When the season picks up, someone is going to be ready to win and it might as well be you.

There may not be any sports on TV but there is a lot of information on YouTube.  When you find something outstanding let me know because I want to see it too.

What can we do to maintain and grow our enthusiasm?

I love using down time to reflect and tonight I looked up a coach that influenced me (for some reason he reminds me of one of my mentors - the legendary Canadian Basketball Coach Jack Donohue). Have a listen and enjoy.

The difference between winning and succeeding.

We need to look after each other, especially anyone who is isolated (which today seems to be everyone), alone or anxious so hit the ‘send’ button and make the connection.

“Things will work out as they should as long as we do what we should.” John Wooden


Joe Millage