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A Call to Para Action - WHEEL DANCE

A Call to Para Action

We’ve asked our 1,000 Years of ParaSport Advisory team for ways to help support staying physically, mentally and spiritually healthy at home during these difficult times.

Here is what we’ve heard from Dr. Iris Kulbatski, Executive Director of WHEEL DANCE.

Dance is a perfect home-based activity for body, mind and spiritual health! Whether dancing with someone else or dancing solo, moving to music is uplifting and energizing.

Some of the many benefits of dance include improved:

- Strength
- Posture
- Coordination
- Endurance
- Balance
- Flexibility
- Range of Motion
- Mood
- Stress Management
- Confidence
- Memory
- Concentration

For some inspiration, WHEEL DANCE has many video clips on our Facebook page of our dancers busting a move: HERE.

We encourage everyone, regardless of age or ability, to crank up their favourite music and dance! If they'd like to share clips of themselves dancing, we'll be posting the content on our Facebook page to encourage others and to share the joy of dance.

Stay healthy and well,