Interested in taking up a sport? Consider whether you would prefer a team sport or individual sport. Would you prefer to play an outdoor or indoor sport? Are you looking for something fast paced and intense like sledge hockey or something less vigorous but still competitive like boccia? Check out our list of sports for descriptions of each of the sports to find one that you might like.


Becoming a Coach for athletes with a disability does not require any special skills. Just like coaching any sport all you need to start is passion, motivation and perhaps some patience.


Becoming an official or referee of a sport requires knowing the rules and regulations for a sport. If you are interested in officiating/referring please contact the provincial or multi-sport organization for more information on how to begin and the process to become certified.


Being a guide runner can mean helping a friend as a recreational runner or supporting an elite-level athlete. The commitment of being a guide runner for an elite-level athlete is significant—the blind athlete might be training almost every day of the week, and even more problematic, the guide and the blind runner may not live in the same place!


Sport clubs for athletes with a disability often rely heavily on volunteers to contribute their time and skills. Coaches often come to mind when one considers volunteers involved in sport clubs however there are many other volunteer positions that contribute to a successful club or program.


Classification is simply a structure for competition. Not unlike wrestling, boxing and weightlifting, where athletes are categorized by weight classes, athletes with disabilities are grouped in classes defined by the degree of function presented by the disability.



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