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PO Executive Director, Jeff Tiessen to receive a Senate 150th Anniversary Medal for involvement in Canada’s Paralympic Movement

Press release: Commemorative medal for the 150th anniversary of the Senate of Canada

Ottawa – November 17, 2017 – Senator Chantal Petitclerc is pleased to announce that a Senate 150th Anniversary Medal has been awarded to Chantal Benoit, Donald Royer, Duncan Campbell, Earl Church, Jeff Tiessen, Marc-André Fabien, Monique Lefebvre, Peter Eriksson, Rick Hansen & Robert Steadward for their involvement in Canada’s Paralympic Movement.

These medals are awarded to Canadians who are deeply involved in their communities and whose generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work make their hometowns a better place to live. 
Senator Petitclerc have found it essential that their contribution be recognized and applauded. Thanks to people like them, Canada is a country where people with disabilities are citizens in their own right. 
The Senate gives Canadians a powerful voice in Parliament to spark positive change; through the award of these medals, the Senate is providing a modest reward to those unsung heroes whose efforts mean so much to so many.

The medal will be presented to Senators’ recipients on Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

About the medals

· The obverse (front) side features the Senate’s emblem. The reverse side depicts the Senate chamber. There is also space for the inscription of the recipient’s name.
· The medals are made of Muntz metal, an alloy comprised of bronze, copper and zinc, and have been cast by the Royal Canadian Mint.
· The medals mark the 150th anniversary of the Senate’s first sitting, which took place on November 6, 1867.

“This award is about thanking Chantal Benoit, Donald Royer, Duncan Campbell, Earl Church, Jeff Tiessen, Marc-André Fabien, Monique Lefebvre, Peter Eriksson, Rick Hansen & Robert Steadward for their courageousness and leadership in working for the rights of persons living with disabilities. These people demonstrate the Senate’s goal of giving voice to people or issues that don’t always make the headlines but that make such a difference in our communities.”

- Senator Chantal Petitclerc (Grandville, Québec)
For more information, please contact:
Vincent Côté
Executive assistant, Office of Senator Chantal Petitclerc
Senate of Canada
(613) 995-0298 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PO Vice Chair, Archie Allison Wins 2017 Variety Heart Award

We’re happy to congratulate Parasport Ontario’s Vice Chair, Archie Allison on being the recipient of the 2017 Variety Heart Award. At the Variety Village “Throwback Thursday” Variety Gala this past week, Archie was given the illustrious award for his contributions over the past 30 years to inclusion and accessibility for people of all abilities.

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Rob Snoek | 2017 Canadian Disability Hall of Fame Inductee

If you're Canadian and a fan of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, you're probably familiar with Rob Snoek. He's been one of CBC Television's go-to broadcasters at both elite sporting competitions dating back to the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

Over the years, he's provided commentary on 18 different sports, from skiing and snowboarding to athletics and waterloo - which is no small feat considering the amount of research and preparation required to speak authoritatively on even a single sport. Next on his schedule: the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea.

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